26 October 2004

ABC: Kerry: Bush Won't Own Up to Bad Decisions

I called it. Now what do I win? Bush's mistake in the third debate, which was to say he's never made a mistake, has come back to bite him (third debate video here).

But it's not that Bush made a mistake in the third debate. He's used the same answer in the past.

Rather than a debate error, I believe this is the single greatest weakness of Bush and his cabinet. This hubris - this enormous lack of humility - leads to their inability to believe they could make mistakes. And this is the root of so many of the severe miscalculations that they have made, not just with Iraq, but across the board. By believing themselves incapable of error, they have no reason to heed advice, and no reason to fix their plans when faced with evidence that they have made a mistake.

That there even could be a mistake is so foreign, they cannot see the evidence.

ABC: Kerry: Bush Won't Own Up to Bad Decisions: 'When the president is faced with the consequences of his own bad decisions, he doesn't confront them, he tries to hide them,' Kerry said. 'The truth is, President Bush isn't leveling with the American people about why we went to war, how the war is going, or what he is doing to put Iraq on track.'

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