01 October 2004

Fark gives the debate to Kerry

Initially, I saw only the last ten minutes of the debate and thought Kerry was pretty weak. However, I went back and watched the whole thing, and Kerry came across as presidential while Bush just seemed exasperated and wanting to be anywhere else but on stage. As one person said later, "Bush looked like Nixon, but 15 degrees hotter."

Karl Rove is not having a good day today.

Immediately after the debate, all the news sites I checked: Fox, CNN, Reuters, LA Times, Washington Post, and the NY Times, called it a tie or gave it to Kerry by using Kerry's "colossal failure" soundbite in the headline or the lead sentence.

I then turned to Fark. Fark is a website known for three things:

  1. photoshop contests,
  2. beer related newswire stories,
  3. images of breasts.

Based on 2 and 3, I claim it's representative of the "regular guy" vote.

According to Fark posters, Kerry trounced Bush. Here's a link to the discussion, with some of the real-time debate commentary:

  • Bush sounds like he's trying to squirm his way out of a bad drug deal. He's making all those weird facial expressions and hand gestures, his voice is squeaking and he's kinda sweaty.
  • good Lord bush is getting PWNED
  • bush is stuttering, angry... he's gone defensive. he can't hack this. kerry is solid, assertive.
  • Wow, I feel bad for Bush... He has no idea.
  • Bush is getting farking spanked.
    How much you want to bet the Bush camp tries to cancel the next two debates after this one blows up in their face.
And my favorite:
The real tragedy here is that there are two more debates after this ... two more savage beatings. Somebody call the secret service,the president is in danger!

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