03 October 2004

Fierce warrior race strongly backs Democrat

According to Oregon's Willamette Week, John Kerry is the candidate of choice among the most warlike of voters:

Even as John Kerry struggles to establish national-security credentials nationally, an exclusive WW straw poll shows his campaign dominating one skeptical, warlike demographic: Klingons.

The poll, conducted when the DVD release of the Star Trek fan documentary Trekkies 2 attracted Portland's Klingon community to Tower Records on Southeast 102nd Avenue, may spell trouble for President George W. Bush.

According to the poll of eight local Klingons, a whopping 75 percent support the Democratic nominee.

The Klingons also offered advice on how to resolve the election, should it be as close as the 2000 race between Gore and Bush:
"On the home world ... the honorable thing would be for Gore to kill Bush," explained Khraanik (Earth name: Jason Lewis), a 38-year-old from Southeast Portland. "Or the other way around. And then ascend to the head of the High Council."

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