02 October 2004

High quality split-screen debate video on-line

The Edge is hosting a BitTorrent (client here) of the split-screen CSPAN debate broadcast video (700MB). This video is much higher quality than what any of the news sites are currently serving up.

Some of you probably know there is a presidential debate tonight. Lucky for me I've got an ATI TV Tuner that lets me record straight to divx/mp3 compressed .avi files. I scheduled it to record starting at 8:55pm on CSPAN which is probably going to have least amount of partisan commentary than any other network. I'll be starting a torrent file for the debate and putting it up on some lucky tracker and then handing it out to all the blogs I can find.

I'm doing this because the Democrats are blissfully ignorant of the Republican propoganda machine set to go in motion at 9pm tonight. The Associated Press was caught writing post-debate analysis more than 6 hours before the debate has actually begun. And the Daily Show already mocked all this last night.

In other words, no matter what happens, everyone will think Bush won and all those 5,000 sources will drown out any false statements Bush might have made. So I'm going to help the fact checkers on a large number of blogs (check my sidebar) by giving them all a video to analyze immediately after the debate. This will hopefully prevent the GOP from gaining an upper hand through such propoganda and keep the focus on the facts (which is good for everyone).

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