08 October 2004

It's a race again

Electoral Vote is an addictive site. The site is a snapshot , updated daily, of how the election would go were it held now. Electoral Vote updates their state-by-state maps daily as new statewide polls come in.

Based on the latest state polls, Electoral-Vote.com says the Presidential race is a dead heat, with neither candidate having the required 270 Electoral College votes to win. Prior to the first Kerry / Bush debate, Bush was up by about 100 votes over Kerry. Now, it's 253 Kerry, 264 Bush.

The site also provides daily analysis of polls and issues. Here's an excerpt:

More results on the vice-presidential debate from Survey USA. In 8 states, Cheney won; in 5 states, Edwards won. California was a tie. In cities, Cheney did better. He won 17 of the cities polled vs. only 4 for Edwards. These results are clearly different from the instapolls available right after the debate.

Kerry's post-debate surge is continuing, with him taking the lead in Pennsylvania according to polls from West Chester University, Survey USA, and Franklin and Marshall college. Neither candidate now has the 270 electoral votes needed to win, and many of the states are statistical ties. Michigan and New Hampshire are exact ties. If Kerry wins Michigan and Bush wins New Hampshire, then Kerry wins the election 270-268.

Gallup ran a poll on whether U.S. involvement in Iraq was a mistake. The country is evenly divided on this issue, with 51% saying it was not a mistake and 48% saying it was a mistake.

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