13 October 2004

Military Times: Soldiers will vote for Bush

The Military Times says that 73% of soldiers surveyed would vote for Bush if the election were held today, while 18% would vote for Kerry. The survey is not random, so it is likely to be biased, but it does strongly suggest that soldiers are happy with President Bush.

See the article on Military.com and a good discussion about the survey and other supporting and detracting data on Plastic.


Rob said...

Well here's one serviceman who will not be voting for Bush. For my take on it (and why the survey results are so pro-Bush), see http://www.plastic.com/article.html;sid=04/10/12/19041607#45 and various entries on http://robschumacher.blogspot.com/

In short, juniors in the military generally don't subscribe to the Times, thus weren't in the survey. And from inside experience I can tell you juniors are much less a Bush-faithful bloc than seniors. Overall, the military is still more conservative...but not to the 73% degree the Times survey shows. I even know some seniors who are (quietly) not supportive of Bush.

zippy said...
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zippy said...

All good points. I recommend the Plastic discussion for anyone interested in a great analysis of the poll.

Even with the bias, I am surprised at the level of support Bush had among those surveyed, considering how badly things are for the military in Iraq. Would you say that those surveyed were pro-Bush, or just anti-Kerry?