04 October 2004

Saddam to run for President of Iraq

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Saddam Hussein intends to run for President of Iraq.

Hussein's lawyer has told a Danish newspaper that the ousted dictator will run in Iraq's general elections with the view to becoming president again.

Giovanni di Stefano told Berlingske Tidende there was no law preventing Saddam from appearing on the ballot for the interim national assembly. 'Saddam has no chance to be tried before the elections,' Mr Di Stefano said. 'No international law prevents him from coming forward.'

The elections, which are scheduled for January, are parliamentary, so Saddam would not have to run nationwide, only from a district, presumably Tikrit. Even nationwide, Saddam seems to be making something of a comeback. Mr Di Stefano said a recent poll indicated that 42 per cent of Iraqis wanted Saddam back."

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