16 October 2005

Cassette belt buckles rule

In the Flickr discussion of the bgirls pic in my previous post, several people thought the gold cassette belt buckle was particularly hip.

I tracked down several sources for this crucial fashion accessory.

First, there's Billabong, with a lovely die cut and embossed cassette belt buckle of some random metal for under $10.

Then, there's the White Trash Boogie Cassette Buckle for $17. Note to aspiring bboys and bgirls, do not purchase fashion items with the words "WHITE TRASH" stamped on them.

Never content to leave well enough alone, the same source has a Cassette Player Belt Buckle. OK, now that's cool, but only if I can play my Devo mix tape while walking around the office.

Finally, Urban Outfitters lists a discontinued recycled cassette buckle. For the DIY crowd, they include a picture that shows how it's done.

Urban Buckle

1 comment:

BLuShRoK said...

yo, that DIY recycled tape is iLL!!!
do you know where i can find one of those metal strap thing that screws on the tape???