01 October 2005

Search & Destroy and Kenka, St Mark's Place, New York City

I took this picture while traveling in New York. I walked around the East Village and St. Mark's Place and found this. Upstairs is Search & Destroy, a punk rock clothing and accessories store. Downstairs, with the weird raccoon-like statue (a tenuki) is Kenka, an Izakaya-style neighborhood Japanese restaurant. I had never seen one before -- it's neither a sushi bar nor a tempura / noodle place. Instead, it's a kind of casual get together with friends and have a good time restaurant. They have lots of odd appetizers, beer, and you get a cup of sugar at the end of the meal and pour it into a cotton candy machine. How cool is that?

I was in New York for a wedding and reception earlier in the day, and found this restaurant after getting some amazing pierogies at the wonderful Veselka, just a few blocks away, so there was no way I could fit another meal in. Next trip, though, I will certainly come here.

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