11 February 2006

New Nerf guns: Magstrike and Longshot

Cube warriors rejoice. Nerf is coming out with two new guns this Fall. The Magstrike is a ten round clip-fed machine gun with two clips, and the Longshot is a six-shot sniper rifle with a scope and bipod. From Nerf's press release:

Pump up the action with the NERF DART TAG MAGSTRIKE blaster, the first NERF rapid fire blaster with a clip reloading system! With a rapid firing air pressure system that allows kids to quickly blast foam darts at their opponents and a stock for comfortable blasting and pumping, this awesome blaster brings great fast-paced fun to the popular NERF DART TAG line.

[C]omes complete with two reload clips, 20 TAGGER MICRO DARTS, a scoring vest and VISION GEAR eyewear.... [A]vailable nationwide Fall 2006 for ... $29.99.

The NERF N-STRIKE LONGSHOT CS-6 blaster comes complete with a scope and bi-pod ... [and] reloading clip system. The NERF N-STRIKE LONGSHOT CS-6 includes two blasters, two reload clips, one working scope and twelve MICRO DARTS.[A]vailable nationwide Fall 2006 for ... $29.99.

For an idea of what the Longshot might look like, check out this cool homemade Nerf rifle, the Boltsniper FAR.

Update: I talked to Nerf's PR firm about getting images for these. They won't be available until some time in the Fall. When I get the images, I'll post them.

Update (30 Sep 06): The Longshot and Magstrike are now out. Latest info here.

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