09 March 2006

Eventful Demand: Dream Events

Eventful Demand: Dream Events
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Brian Dear of Eventful / EVDB gave a presentation at O'Reilly's ETech conference. He showed off some of Eventful's new features. Eventful is a site where you can post upcoming events. They had the insight to create a new feature, Eventful Demand, where you can post events you wish would happen. With this, fans can directly express their desire to see a performer and even promote the event via web posters and stickers that they can put up on their blogs.

Performers can see the demands. If they see 1000 people in San Francisco who want them to come, they can choose to make the event happen. It's a way for fans and performers to communicate directly.

This is the kind of simple feature that completely changes how things work. Really cool.

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