07 March 2006

Raw notes from ETech: SecondLife

Here are my raw notes from the SecondLife presentation at ETech 06 in San Diego. I'll update this with photos of the presentation later in the day.

Not a subscription model. Users pay from $0 to $16,000 per month.

In the past 30 days, 240k items sold
5m p2p transactions
US $6.5M internal economy
US $800k exchanged
75m IM messages

Average value per transaction doubling each year

Taxes - users didn't like them, began setting their property on fire in protest. So the new user experence? Seeing angry established users ... on fire. This puts a dent in customer retention. So they did away with taxes.

Approximately 25% of user online time is spent creating items.

Scripting is necessary to give objects behaviors. The scripting language has a C-Like syntax - it's very hard. Yet 15% of users in the past ... have written scripts from scratch.

2.5M lines of code a week.
SL itself is only 800k lines of code.

Tringo - SL game that has moved to the real world. When you create something in SL, you own the IP. The creator of Tringo is licensing it for the GameBoy Advance.

Demographics of SL - most users non-technical, median age 36, gender neutral by hrs of use.

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