29 April 2006

Startup School

I just got back from Startup School at Stanford. StartupSchool is a one-day bootcamp where founders, VCs, lawyers, and visionaries get together to present an intense "here's how to do it" to the mostly techie attendees. A lot of practical advice and wisdom, along with some funny stories.

My first writeups of the presentations are now up. See my writeups for the presentations by:

Joshua Schachter (del.icio.us, memepool)

Paul Graham (YCombinator)

Om Malik

Caterina Fake (Flickr)

If you're interested in creating a startup, or want to know more about how they work, I highly recommend this event. I expect there will be another one this time next year. Check the Startup School site for details.

Here's the list of speakers.

Caterina Fake
Co-Founder, Flickr

Mark Fletcher
Founder, Bloglines; Founder, ONElist

Paul Graham
Partner, Y Combinator; Co-founder, Viaweb

Joe Kraus
Co-founder, JotSpot; Co-founder, Excite

Page Mailliard
Partner, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

Om Malik
Senior Writer, Business 2.0

Tim O'Reilly
Founder and CEO, O'Reilly Media

Chris Sacca
Head of Special Initiatives, Google

Joshua Schachter
Founder, del.icio.us

George Willman
Associate, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

Ann Winblad
Founding Partner, Hummer Winblad

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