11 May 2006

Google Co-op: tagged search results

Yesterday, Google launched a service called Co-op that lets people tag (Google calls it "label") sites and make them more visible in the results page.

One of the first areas Google is working on is health-related queries. For example, here's the result for "psoriasis." You can refine the result by clicking on labels such as "treatment," "symptoms," and "from medical authorities." Clicking on the latter modifies the results page.

For each entry in the new refined result there's an extra line, "labeled" showing tags for each result. Some of these are also liked to an authorititative souce. The first result from the page has the tags "for patients" and "for professionals" and the authorities CDC and UCSF. Clicking on UCSF leads to a Google Co-Op page for that source.

Google Blogoscoped has the best summary I've seen of the new program.

Thanks to JH and JD for the tips

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