12 June 2006

PixieHunt @ Where 2.0

Jordan Schwartz of Microsoft ran a contest called a PixieHunt the night before the Where 2.0 conference. The contest was co-sponsored by Microsoft and Cingular.

A PixieHunt is like a treasurehunt, except you have to take pictures of certain things. Here's Jordan Schwartz's description of a PixieHunt.

On my team were Jamie and Tomi (my co-workers at Metaweb), and Pablos, Shimon, and Alec. We had a great time running around downtown San Jose, being rather silly and asking total strangers questions like "do you have a tattoo? Can I take a picture of it?"

Here are some of the descriptions and the photos we took:

the team frolicking in a fountain

Old Faithful

riding a dragon

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

a stranger's tattoo

Tattoo You

a face made out of vegetables

Mr. Potato Face

a team member in the back seat of a police car

COPS 98052

Spatialguru's team got the above scene captured for ...

counterintelligence - a picture of another team taking a picture


a team member holding a press conference

Press Conference

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