15 August 2006

AOL search data: best query

Since AOL released their anonymized search query logs to the world, several sites have republished the data with decent query interfaces. AOL Stalker is one of these sites, and using their interface, I just found my favorite AOL query.

14 August 2006

Survival Research Labs in San Jose

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So, what were you doing on Friday?

07 August 2006

Hungerectomy: I feel ill

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Deconstructing the Hungerectomy ad campaign.

It's got a suffix that conjures up hospitals and operating rooms, the closest real word is "hysterectomy," the middle of the word is "recto," and it's all on a brown background.

What were the ad guys thinking?

Update: I saw another one, "Satisfectellant."

The suffix "fectellant" should not be applied to anything one would like people to eat.

05 August 2006

Japanese giant squid robot

Pink tentacle reports: "In squid-crazy Hakodate, squid fishing is big business, the local specialties include shio ramen (squid-topped ramen) and ikasomen (raw squid cut into the shape of somen noodles), the summer festivals have residents busting squid-like moves in a dance called ika-odori (a squirmy version of the traditional bon dance performed at summer festivals throughout Japan), and the city fish is the squid. It is therefore unlikely that anyone was surprised when, on July 18, a group of Hakodate residents made an official announcement regarding plans to create a giant robotic squid for the city.

The citizens’ group, called “Robot Festival in Hakodate,” aims to create a new symbol for Hakodate, one of the leading tourist destinations in Hokkaido — and what better symbol than a giant robotic version of the city’s favorite creature?

Members of the group include university professors specializing in robotic engineering, who will work to incorporate cutting-edge technology that will allow the robot to be controlled remotely via the Internet. Development will be led by Hitoshi Matsubara and Hidekatsu Yanagi, information architecture professors at the School of System Information Science at Future University-Hakodate (FUN). Matsubara will handle the robotics research and development, while Yanagi will handle design. Students from the university, along with Hakodate high school teachers and students and others in the local manufacturing industry, will contribute ideas in brainstorming sessions."

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02 August 2006

Plexeraser: what could possibly go wrong?

Finally, a CD-RW and DVD-RW drive with 100% reliability ... in making coasters. Plextor just announced their Plexeraser drive. The tray features a big yellow sticker that says "WARNING: THIS DEVICE WILL DESTROY DATA CONTENTS AND DISC."

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