09 November 2006

Lou Reed at Web 2.0

Lou Reed at Web 2.0
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Lou Reed and his band did a short set at Web 2.0 last night. Two songs in he got ticked off at people who were talking. He said, "you wanna talk? It's your twenty minutes. Or, I could turn it up - I could hurt you." Pause. Then, to the crowd "do you want me to hurt you?"

The crowd replied enthusiastically, so he said to his sound guy, "Frank, turn it up." The sound went up. Lou made the request again, and now the sound by the front speaker stack reminded me of my first concert, a Ramones show which left my ears ringing for three days.

The music went loud, the crowd stood up, and the last three songs were great. Reed closed the set with Gravity.

Update: Justinsomnia's blog has a great description of the show. Here's AOL's video of the first song.

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Justin said...

Your paraphrase of his comments is much better than mine. I couldn't recall if he actually said "I could hurt you." That's great.