26 January 2007

Lawsuit in UCLA taser case

LAist reports that the UCLA student tasered by police for being in a library without student ID has filed a suit naming UCLA, the UCLA police department, and the individual officers involved as using excessive force, illegal use of a Taser, and violating the students rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

After seeing the video a student made of the incident, I think the school and the police are going to have a very difficult time coming out on top here. I certainly hope they change their policy of allowing use of Tasers as a cattle prods - a policy that is at odds with those of every other UC school, where Tasers are only allowed in situations of self-defense and real imminent harm, rather than possible non-compliance with an order.

In another interesting angle, Jessamyn on Librarian.net asks why we haven't heard from UCLA's librarians about what they think (possibly because the school is still investigating the incident). However, the American Librarian's Association did write a letter condeming the way the UCLA police acted.

More coverage here:

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Anonymous said...

I just watched the video on Current TV and it made me sick to my stomach. The guy was saying he would leave and everytime he started to walk they tased him so he would fall over and could not walk. This is so sick and any sworn officer who thinks having this power to bring a person down is sick. This is like breaking down a slave to obey the master.

ironman said...

On TV, he was asked to leave but refused, struggled with authorities, warned of taser but still struggled. The Taser saved someone from getting hurt. I applaud authorities.