09 March 2007

Happy Birthday Freebase.com

Happy Birthday, Freebase.com
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John Markoff just wrote an article for the New York Times about my company, Metaweb, and our Freebase project: "Startup aims for web database to automate searching", and Tim O'Reilly talks about what it all means on O'Reilly Radar (with the bonus of a few screenshots of the site).

Jon Phillips of Creative Commons has good things to say about our use of the CC Attribution license for the shared data - this is a database we want people to use.

I'm at SXSW Interactive Mar 9 - 14 looking for people who would like to work for us in San Francisco (we're hiring) or develop their own applications that use Freebase. I'm also looking for communities and people with data to share - if you have a catalog of data in any domain and want to share it with the world, let me know.

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joeraben said...

With Prof. Vernon Burton of the university of Illinois, I am in the initial steps of creating an Enyclopedia of Humanities and Social Science Computing, which is intended to include everything we can get our hands on relating to that burgeoning field. We are trying to get the metadata on all the databases, hypertexts, analytical programs and anything else that facilitates computer-based study and teaching in all the disciplines covered by these comprehensive terms.

It seems most appropriate that such a compendium, which will be published as a book (with revised editions as necessary)as well as an online database, be indexed by as advanced a search mechanism as is available. Just as some of the progress in searching derives from efforts by humanists and social scientists to organize and analyze their basic data, so we should benefit from the efforts of computer scientists to do the same.

If at this stage there are areas in which we can collaborate, please let me know. I will try to keep abreast of your work and visualize points of contact.

Joseph Raben
Professor emeritus/CUNY