10 March 2007

Snakes on a Plane at SXSW

James Home at SXSW
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There was a session at South by Southwest devoted to the internet fan-driven phenomenon known as Snakes on a Plane. James Home of Metaweb talked about his experience putting together a fan-organized premiere of the film in San Francisco.

Snakes on a Plane did something that few other films have achieved. It gave the fans not so much an enduring piece of cinema, so much as a reason to have a big one night party. Some on the panel felt that had Snakes on a Plane stuck to a tight budget - $3M instead of $30M - it could have spawned a niche of such films - financially successful one-night parties.

Maybe the studios will learn from this, and see Snakes on a Plane as a successful experiement working with internet fans - supporting them and learning from them too.

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