19 April 2007

Dan Le Sac vs Scoobius Pip: Thou shalt

My favorite video of the week: Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip 'Thou Shalt Always Kill'

13 April 2007

Most Frustrating. Super Mario level. Ever.

This is a video of a particularly evil fan-created level for Super Mario.

Just watching is painful - I can't believe the player didn't throw their controller through the wall.

(via quixoticals)

10 April 2007

OQO 02 delays for models with Verizon EVDO

Word is that while OQO is shipping some OQO 02 models now, direct-ordered top of the line models with Verizon EVDO have been delayed an extra two one to two weeks over Sprint EVDO models, and that the expected ship date for pre-orders of Verizon OQO 02s is now early May (up from an earlier announced date of mid-March to mid-April).

04 April 2007

OQO 02 Unboxed

If you're looking forward to the OQO 02, and don't have one in hand yet, Boy Genius's photos of the unboxing of an OQO 02 might tide you over for a few days.


(via Boy Genius Report)