04 June 2007

High-speed SF chase

At work around noon we heard many sirens and then saw twelve police cars tearing past CNET heading towards 2nd and Market. It looked like the chase scene from The Blues Brothers (vid).SFGate had nothing, but Latchkey on Flickr already had a photo of the police arresting the driver they were chasing. Update: Latchkey's photo is of a different arrest (also a silver car) several blocks away.

CBS5 says the driver is accused of shooting a pedestrian in SOMA. Update: more from KCBS and SFgate.

Original photo here from Flickr user Latchkey


latchkey said...

I'm not sure the two stories are related. The cars are totally different and my pix were taken closer to 5th and mission. I did hear/see other police cars going down mission about 20 minutes after the stuff that was going on in front of my work. -latchkey.

zippy said...

Thanks for the tip. You are right - your photo is of a different event (silver car, police arrest, but several blocks away). It was a busy morning for the police.