14 June 2007

Powerset's tantalizing Powerlabs annoucement

Powerlabs Screenshot
Originally uploaded by official_powerset.
Powerset is about to make an announcement of their Powerlabs project. It's going to be a site where they solicit feedback from users in different search domains (travel, entertainment, even porn) about how they use the internet and how they'd like to see search work.

There's talk that they'll also provide access to Powerset search for the lucky users who get to be part of this test.

Keep an eye on Powerset founder Steve Newcomb's blog later today for the official announcement.

Update: the announcement just came out: Powerlabs: the first screenshot.

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Steve Newcomb said...

Hey this is Steve Newcomb, founder and COo of Powerset. You were the first to post the screen shot. Congrats.