02 October 2012

On comment moderation for a blog with ancient posts

I confess, I haven't blogged very often. Blogger, it's not me, it's you. I now have the siren call of Tumblr, Twitter, Google+, and community blogs where I can vent my spleen, nose, and elbows.

Starting a week or two ago, you began to email me. Daily, twice-daily, thrice-daily even, with comments on posts from 2008. Yes, spammers had finally reached the least-influential blog on the internet, and had decided this would be an excellent place to post links to products.

As far as I can tell, Google / Blogger flagged them all as spam candidates, and none made it onto the site, but the energetic commentors continued. So I dug through the configuration for Blogger and finally disabled anonymous comments.

My apologies to the legitimate, interested readers here who don't have an openid or gmail account or google+ id (the latter two being one in the same, now). I'm normally in favor of anyone and everyone having their say with minimal regulatory fuss, but the signal to noise ratio on recent comments has been zero, and my spam-moderation time is better spent cleaning my desk, or shaving, or coding.

So, to my anonymous followers, all two of you by the latest scientific estimates, my apologies. And to the spammers? Through tiny, annoying papercuts across hundreds of thousands of sites, you're making people's lives worse. You may not be murdering anyone, but your behavior in aggregate is stealing time away from hundreds of millions, if not a billion, people who could be living more happily.

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